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G100 Women's Network 

Accelerating Learning and Connections for Women to Succeed in the C-suite

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As companies continue to make diversity and inclusion a priority, successful companies recognize that investing in, and developing, a pipeline of women leaders with the skills and network to succeed is vital to long-term success. G100 Women’s Network enriches participants’ skills, competences, and networks as they aspire to and thrive in the C-suite.

G100 Women’s Network is a virtual membership group for select high-performing female executives, many of whom graduate from G100 Women’s Leadership Program. Featuring monthly digital meetingsas well as small roundtable member discussions and ongoing 1:1 mentorship opportunities—the network provides a space to reconnect, build peer relationships, and continue to hone the skills needed to succeed in the C-suite.

Ellen Grasso, Managing Director, G100 Women's Leadership Program & G100 Women's Network; Christa Quarles, former Chief Executive Officer, OpenTable


G100 Women’s Network members are leaders and lifelong learners. They consistently look to elevate their skillset by implementing the new and innovative ideas gleaned at G100 Women’s Leadership Program while also expanding and enriching their external peer networks. Participants aspire to higher levels of leadership, and some are newly-appointed C-suite executives.

Discussion Leaders

G100 Women's Network offers one-on-one conversations, panel discussions, and interactive workshops with experienced practitioners. Seasoned CEOs and C-suite executives lead discussions and deliver candid and practical insights in a private, off-the-record setting. Topics cover critical business and leadership issues that can help accelerate advancement for women in their career.

Discussion leaders have included:

Corie Barry Chief Executive Officer, Best Buy
Pat Fili-Krushel former Chair, NBCUniversal News Group
Carla Harris Vice Chair, Morgan Stanley
Anne Mulcahy former Chair & CEO, Xerox
Christa Quarles former Chief Executive Officer, OpenTable
Maggie Wilderotter former Chair & CEO, Frontier Communications

G100 Women’s Network speakers are amazing, inspiring, and full of practical insights and guidance. 

Marianne Heer Global Head, SAP Leonardo Digital Transformation Office
A word from our members

No matter how busy I am, breaking away and staying engaged with G100 Women’s Network is 100% worth it. 

Jacqui Welch SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer, Diversity and Inclusion & Chief Diversity Officer, Freddie Mac

G100 Women’s Leadership Program and G100 Women’s Network are affirming and incredibly valuable to participants. I just wish I had had something like this when I was coming up.

Pat Yarrington Former Chief Financial Officer, Chevron

Enhance Skills and Confidence 

Develop high-performers 

G100 Women’s Network reinforces the skills needed for enterprise leadership success and emphasizes how participants can drive impact across the entire organization.

Access New Thinking

Hear diverse voices

Discussions are led by seasoned CEOs and C-suite executives who offer real-world examples of failure and success. At every discussion, members spend time working together in smaller core groups to share best practices and problem solve challenges for women in executive leadership roles.

Strengthen Leadership Pipeline 

Build on core C-level competencies

G100 Women’s Network helps companies strengthen their pipeline of senior women leaders who are candidates for C-suite roles.

Expand Peer Network 

Engage fellow leaders

The program provides an opportunity for members to build and nurture relationships with their cross-industry peers, and with speakers and advisors to tap for ongoing advice and mentorship.

Recent Content

Exclusive member content excerpts

Members receive actionable content aligned to the program’s agenda. Our candid, insightful, and off-the-record conversations drill down on key topics, including aligning business strategy with talent strategy, engaging the board, building new organizational competencies, succession planning for critical roles, crafting a performance and purpose-driven culture, and demonstrating sound judgment and decision-making. 

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G100 membership programs bring the outside in, delivering actionable insights that improve business performance. G100 helps companies solve their key business issues on an organizational and individual level. We deeply understand our members and customize their membership to align with their business needs and goals.

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