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G100 Chief Executive

The peer advisory group of, by, and for preeminent CEOs

Chief executive officers face new stakeholder and shareholder pressure and expectations, unprecedented and constant disruption, increased visibility, and a continually evolving competitive landscape. To thrive in this new reality, CEOs need a private, off-the-record space to exchange ideas and build a network of peers outside their industry who can serve as advisors and trusted counsel.

G100 Chief Executive is the preeminent leadership program that brings together hundreds of CEOs of influential public and private companies for candid, thought-provoking discussions about how to lead a company and tackle the enduring issues every company faces: strategy, talent, governance, operations, and the forces disrupting business. 

Sara Armbruster, President and CEO, Steelcase

Select Members

G100 Chief Executive meetings are restricted to CEOs, who neither send substitutes nor bring staff. Our conversations are designed to reveal and share the practical wisdom required to execute in the real world. Members come to learn from peers about the ongoing issues that businesses face, both via regular member calls and seasonal in-person meetings. 

In addition to core G100 Chief Executive meetings, members have spent time at Apple, Google, Facebook, Andreessen Horowitz, and Box headquarters. These sessions go beyond the typical executive visit and offer members a preview of what is next in innovation and disruption as well as candid insights from influential technology leaders on how companies should think about the future of business.

Discussion Leaders

Agenda topics—frequently suggested and often led by CEO members—deal with every aspect of strategy, growth, people, and the shifting business environment. We choose topics carefully, identifying immediately relevant issues or emerging challenges not yet on the corporate radar. 

Discussion leaders have included:

Tim Cook CEO, Apple
Dambisa Moyo International Economist, Director, 3M and Chevron
Mary Barra Chairman and CEO, General Motors
Andy Jassy CEO, Amazon
Penny Pritzker Former United States Secretary of Commerce
Marillyn Hewson Former Chairman, President & CEO, Lockheed Martin
Walter Isaacson Author, Journalist and Professor
Marc Benioff CEO, Salesforce
Alex Gorsky Chairman & Former CEO, Johnson & Johnson

G100 is a terrific opportunity to connect with first-rate individuals, gather new ideas, and trigger some powerful lateral thinking. Time well spent!

Hubert Joly Executive Chairman, Best Buy
G100's Impact

The sign that something is really well done is that every time I do it, I walk away and say, ‘Wow. It pushed me to make me better.’ In preparing for the G100 session, I have already been pushed to be better. G100 absolutely does make me better, every time.

Jim Collins Author, "Good to Great"

G100 is the best place for candid conversation with peers about core CEO issues.

Ram Charan World-renowned business advisor and CEO coach, author and speaker

Bring the Outside In

G100 Chief Executive provides a platform for outside perspectives from peers and thought leaders who offer actionable ideas and tactics that improve a CEO’s ability to run a world-class business.

Strategically Expand Your Peer Network of Trusted Advisors

Our renowned peer advisory group has more than 100 CEOs across industry, geography, and company size as members, helping provide unique perspectives on the most pressing issues that confront every company, board, and senior management team.

Triangulate Diverse Perspectives

G100 Chief Executive does not promote the services of any company, and we do not seek group consensus. We stimulate debate and let CEOs hear from one another on the most pressing ideas affecting business.

Discuss in an Off-the-record Setting

Every G100 Chief Executive meeting is strictly confidential, off-the-record, and closed to the press and public, allowing for an atmosphere of candid, informed discussion.

Recent Content

Exclusive member content excerpts

G100 Chief Executive also serves as a research and idea engine for its members. We regularly prepare comprehensive materials of suggested reading as background on each of our topics. The G100 Notebook links members to lesser-seen articles, studies, and datasets relevant to the CEO agenda. The G100 Playbook offers members the key takeaways from each meeting, presented in a succinct form that chief executives can readily share with their senior team.

Using Talent to Transform a Company

When approaching a restructuring, assess the degree of transformation and set a timeline. Begin with a deep dive on cash and the balance sheet. Then, look at management. Who can take you where you want to go? In most cases, at least half of the senior team stays on in a restructuring, to provide stability.

Politics and Leadership Amid Uncertainty

Partisanship threatens the business agenda. Even tax reform is subject to partisan bias and may pass by only one or two Senate votes. The lack of broad support fuels anti-business voices. Most other issues on the pro-business agenda remain strangled by partisan battles: immigration, regulation, infrastructure, a balanced budget.

The Transparency Revolution and Its Impact on Business

The customer experience follows the employee experience. Engaged and satisfied employees care about the outcome of their work. Research shows companies that nurture employee engagement create greater economic value and have higher market cap.

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G100 membership programs bring the outside in, delivering actionable insights that improve business performance. G100 helps companies solve their key business issues on an organizational and individual level. We deeply understand our members and customize their membership to align with their business needs and goals.

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G100 is the preeminent executive peer-to-peer convening, learning, and development company. We offer membership programs for CEOs, executive teams, and board directors.

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